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Millionaire’s Bars Recipe

Millionaire Bars offer layer upon layer of decadent goodness with a shortbread layer on the bottom, a caramel layer in the middle and chocolate on top! It tastes almost like a Twix bar and is the perfect cross between a dessert bar and a candy bar! You are going to love these Millionaire bars.

If you like Twix bars, you are going to just adore this recipe for Millionaire Bars because they taste just like a Twix bar! These Millionaire bars start with a layer of shortbread cookie on the bottom, then in the middle is a decadent caramel layer and it’s all topped off with melty chocolatey goodness with a sprinkle of sea salt for good measure. I don’t know how these bars got the name “Millionaire Bars” instead of “Billionaire Bars” because if you ask me, I’d call ‘em Billionaire bars. They are sweet with just a hint of salt, and truth be told, they are kind of addicting. And like I said, if you like Twix bars…. these Millionaire bars are for you!

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