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Natural Bleach Alternative for Laundry

Learn how to make a natural bleach alternative for laundry. This is an easy recipe that won’t cause white stains on clothes or floors and won’t irritate your lungs or skin. It’s gentler on clothes and won’t cause yellowing.

natural bleach alternative for laundry

Bleach Alternative for White Clothes

I have never been a fan of using bleach. Sure, it works really well to disinfect and whiten clothes, but it has some drawbacks.

Using bleach in the home can be risky as it is known to cause irritation in the eyes, lungs, and on your skin. Further, it can ruin clothes and carpets, which is why many prefer not to use it at all.

Furthermore, using bleach too much can cause the fabric to break down and cause small holes. It can also yellow clothes, especially if you have rust in your water.

Instead, you can opt for a natural bleach substitute This article will show you how to make a natural alternative to bleach for disinfecting your home and clothes.

As a note, peroxide loses effectiveness once it has been opened, and starts to lose its strength one to six months after being opened. For this reason, I do not recommend making large batches of this bleach alternative at once.


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