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Narrow Storage Table for Laundry Room

Our apartment’s washer and dryer have had so much space in between each other and I’ve always felt like there was wasted space. I looked up some narrow tables to place in between them, but everything I found weren’t the right measurements. I took it upon myself (and voluntold my boyfriend to assist) to create a table for the room from scratch. Here’s how it turned out!

diy narrow laundry room table

Take your measurements

I used the space in between the washer and dryer to hold my cat’s litter stuff. It has always looked kind of awkward and ugly, and I wanted something that was tall enough that could hide the litter genie and litter, but also give me a little more storage space and room for decor.



I first took my measurements and figured I needed the table to be:

10″ wide, 24″ long, 34″ tall

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Gather supplies

I had these 11″ W x 24″ L x 1 1/2 D boards that I had leftover from my shelving project that I had cut to size. I had already sanded and stained them.

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