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Mrs. Yoder’s Heirloom Peanut Butter Pie – An Amish Favorite

You guys, peanut butter pie has got to be one of my most favorite desserts on the planet. It’s cool, creamy, and filled with peanut buttery flavor. Who could ever ask for anything more? Now, the peanut butter pie that this midwestern chick is used to is much richer than the Amish version I am debuting today on the next page. When my Michigander mother makes a PB pie she uses cream cheese and not vanilla pudding. I actually prefer this method because I like a richer more robust PB pie.

With that being said, this Amish version of PB pie is still super amazing. The Amish certainly have a way with desserts and this Yoder’s peanut butter pie is definite proof of that.

This is the type of PB pie that my husband, a Pennsylvania native, grew up eating so he was delighted when I surprised him with this dessert. Apparently, his grandma would make peanut butter pie to sell during church bake sales. Fun!

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know that I am a Michigan girl that was transplanted to Pennsylvania. Midwestern peanut butter pie is quite a bit different than eastern peanut butter pie. In Michigan, our PB is very robust and there isn’t any vanilla pudding in the mix but rather cream cheese. I gotta admit, I like the midwestern version better than this vanilla pudding version BUT the recipe is still yummy and I’d still eat it any day. Enjoy!

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