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Ohio Shredded Chicken Sandwiches

We’ve all had chicken sandwiches before, but unless you’re from Ohio – or happen to visit there a lot – you probably haven’t had them quite like this. See, this isn’t just any chicken sandwich, this is an Ohio Shredded Chicken Sandwich and it’s about so much more than just the chicken. It’s the type of food you find at both ballparks and potlucks, and while it’s economical and easy to make, it’s the signature combination of ingredients that makes it so classic. (And tasty!)

Usually, when you have a shredded chicken sandwich, it’s just shredded chicken and some sauce, but that’s not the case here. Ohio Chicken Sandwiches certainly involve shredded chicken, but they also always include either stuffing or crushed Ritz crackers, or both. (Ours uses both because sometimes more is better.) There’s also cream of chicken soup in there, which makes for an oh-so-creamy but pretty messy sandwich. Think sloppy joe, but in carb-kissed, creamy, chicken form.

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