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Mom’s Hermits

This is my Mom’s recipe. She is known in her church for making these for bake sales.
-awn, I would not leave it out, you will not taste the coffee at all. Many recipes call for flavoring but only enhance the product. If you do not want to purchase a small can you could just purchase some instant but make sure it’s strong. I want you to know I have a son who is sixty three years old and he does not like coffee and to this day his favorite cookie are hermits. When all the boys were home I made a batch for each one at Christmas. They loved it.
-Marlene, now I’m wondering if these started in TX. I’m a native Texan who married shortly after you in ’57. I learned to make these cookies in high school hoe ec. They really are GOOD!!! hOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
-Dear Patricia (NannaPat) thank you for answering my post so quickly.
I’m new to this and I appreciate your helping me with y frosting request. I looked it up and will try out one of the recipes this week. I already have a butter cream frosting recipe I use all the time, and my family loves it. But I was just trying to find maybe a lighter version that holds up as well. Thank you again for your help.

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