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Modern Vase Hack

This post was transcribed by a member of the Hometalk editorial team from the original HometalkTV episode.

The next time you finish that bottle of wine, be sure to save the bottle for this cool project.

modern vase hack

The first thing you need to do is prepare the wine bottle by removing the label. You’re going to grab some boiling water and pour that inside the bottle and that’s going to kind of loosen the label from the inside out.


Then you’re going to be able to easily pull that off. If there’s any residue, like the sticky stuff, you can put some soap and a little sponge and get that off really easily.

Once you have your bottle clean, you’re going to take a piece of cardboard, cut it, roll it up, and put that inside the top opening almost like a note that you’re putting in the bottle except you’re not actually putting a note.


Next, take some packing tape, which is important, and wrap that around the cardboard in the opening until you cover it.

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