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Muffin Tin Taco Bombs

Who loves tacos? I can only assume that anyone reading this is shouting a resounding yes because the love of tacos is universal. Our Muffin Tin Taco Bombs don’t feature any tortillas, but they do give you a total taco experience in doughy pocket form. They’re beefy and cheesy and make for a seriously irresistible appetizer, which is great news, because any time you can squeeze another opportunity for tacos into your day it’s a win.

You don’t have to actually make any dough here if you don’t want to, you’ll need a pound of pizza dough but a store bought option will do just fine. You’ll divide that dough into twelve circles, and fill each one with some ground beef cooked with taco seasoning, some cheddar cheese, and a creamy mixture of cream cheese and salsa.

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