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M&M Balls

My aunt has been making these every Christmas for all the kids in the family for as far back as I can remember. They’re super quick, easy & CHEAP to make! And I haven’t heard anyone ever say they didn’t like them!!-
-My Bubbie Mimi used to make cookies for us and they are called “Overnight Cookies”. They are made the same way as these but use coconut and chocolate chips instead of M&M’s! Same premise as forgotten cookies, heat oven to 250•, turn off oven, put cookies in oven and leave them overnight!! Loved them as a kid, love making them as an adult!! Great memories!!!!
-I attempted to make these the other day but the meringue (sugar and egg whites ) was taking forever and I thought i did something wrong (whites are touchy sometimes to whip). So today (clear and sunny) I tried again and again it took a long time . Then I checked in cookbook and decided to whip the whites first then added the sugar and the process went much faster. They are in the oven now….and it is the 12.6 oz bag of M&M’s marked MEDIUM In the oven now
-I made these sunday thinking the kids would love them but I think the adults ate more than the kids! we loved them.
They are addictive,so on monday i made some more but didnt have m&ms so I used pecans & they are delicious that way too!!!! Thanks for posting this recipe!!

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