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Raspberry Cheesecake Rolls

These Raspberry Cheesecake Rolls are about as easy as it gets. They come together in about 10 minutes, bake for another 10 minutes, and then (more than likely) they’re gobbled up in the blink of an eye. Whether you’re serving these rolls as a breakfast treat or a fruity dessert, they’re bound to be a hit with all who try them. Berries and cheesecake are a match made in heaven. No one can deny that!

My favorite thing about this recipe is how truly simple it is. You only need 5 ingredients to put them together: crescent roll dough, cream cheese, fresh raspberries, vanilla, and powdered sugar. You’ll only dirty one bowl for mixing the cheesecake filling and then they’re baked on one cookie sheet. Minimal dirty dishes for the win! It’s also a great treat to get the little ones involved because it’s pretty hard to mess up. Simplicity never tasted so good.

These rolls are best enjoyed hot out of the oven in our opinion. Though, they rarely last long enough to know what they taste like once they’ve cooled off. They’re truly an addictive treat any time of day. Whip up a batch for your next brunch or summer get-together. You won’t be disappointed!

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