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Chicken Alfredo rolls for dinner

Creamy and delicious lasagna noodles stuffed with a creamy chicken mixture then topped with Alfredo sauce and cheese. Chicken Alfredo Roll Ups make for a quick and delicious dinner that the entire family will love! Plus, they are freezer friendly.

Looking for a new dinner recipe that will be a hit with everyone at the table? Chicken Alfredo Roll Ups are what you need to make! Lasagna noodles stuffed with a creamy chicken mixture, rolled up and topped with alfredo sauce and cheese. Is your mouth watering yet?

Why This Recipe Works!
Only requires a few simple ingredients that are easy to find!
It’s freezer friendly so double the recipe and put one pan in the freezer for later.
Family friendly and perfect dish to bring to loved ones. This is also the perfect meal to send to someone who just had a baby, is down on their luck or a new neighbor.

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