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Southern-Style Deviled Eggs

My mom makes deviled eggs for every holiday, every gathering, every occasion I can call to mind, and it has always been that way. And my family wouldn’t have it any other way – everyone loves her deviled eggs – but if I’m being totally honest, these Southern-Style Deviled Eggs are maybe even a teeny-tiny bit better than hers are. (Sorry Mom!) Before I get disowned, I’ll say that they do share a lot of similarities but these southern-style ones take the lead because of a filling that’s a bit creamier and has a bit of a kick. Whether you’re anywhere near the south or not – the flavor here is classic. And irresistible.

There is nothing revolutionary about the filling here, you’re probably only going to see stuff you’re used to. But it all comes together to create a classic and creamy Deviled Egg that you can always rely on for potlucks and parties – it’s pretty much the first appetizer to go, without fail. You just hard boil dozen-or-so eggs and then scoop out the yolks into a bowl. To them you’ll add mayo, yellow mustard, sweet pickle relish, and a dash of hot sauce and then mix it up until it’s nice and creamy.

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