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Man Catching Fried Chicken

– Hi Leah! I have never had any luck frying chicken but I am most definitely going to print this off so I can make it!! It sounds so simple & surely, I can’t go wrong – LOL! But…my question – and it might’ve already been asked (and apologize if it has….) but what is the purpose of the “Glass 9×13”? I only have the 9×13 metal cake pans, is why I’m asking 🙂 **This may sound funny or odd…but seems just by looking at your photo…I’m getting a whiff of Fried Chicken like my Grandma used to make :)**
– We tried this chicken and wow was it good. We don’t have the KK seasoning here in our town, so I used the flour alternative as you suggested. It was fabulous! I will always make my fried chicken using your recipe! Thanks so much! We just had our 15th anniversary so I don’t need to catch him, but I don’t want him to get off my line either! So I’m making him this chicken! He loved it! LOL! Thanks for a great recipe, Leah!

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