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Make The Best Ice Cream Sandwich You’ve Ever Tasted

Nothing says summer like ice cream, and there’s no more FUN way to enjoy the cool treat than by eating it in an ice cream sandwich!

The combination of cookie and ice cream was always just perfect, and no matter how old we get, we’re always going to love them. The only thing that’s changed? How awesome those ice cream sandwiches are! There’s a whole range of cookie and ice cream flavors out there, so why should we limit ourselves to plain old chocolate and vanilla? When you make your own ice cream sandwiches at home, they can be whatever you dream them to be.

Imagine: molasses sugar cookies and peaches-and-sour-cream ice cream. Cocoa brownies and mint-basil ice cream. Or even pound cake and lemon ice cream!

They’re all possible, and they’re all possible at home. Read on for the basic, easy recipe that works for any and all flavors, and then keep going for even more crazy flavor ideas. This summer’s going to be great

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