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Layered Oreo Ice Box Cake: Heaven On A Plate!

“Do you want to be a snowman?” Oh yes. It’s that familiar first line of a song in a recently popular animated movie. Yes, Frozen. Every little girl that I know including my niece fell in love with that animated movie. I didn’t see the appeal because I’m not really a little girl anymore and I wasn’t really the princess type of girl, but that didn’t stop me from spoiling my niece with a few merchandise from the movie itself. I remembered buying her a gown similar to Elsa (she loved the Ice Queen more than her sister) and a few coloring books and even a doll.

She wore the dress for weeks that it got all worn out for being in the dryer for so many times. My niece didn’t want to take it off most especially during the hype of the animated movie. She even wanted to wear it to school, but it’s when her parents had finally had enough and told her they’ll ban her from wearing it if she kept insisting on wearing it to school.

My niece, thankfully, didn’t put up a fuss and became content in wearing it only at home. We thought she wouldn’t get over that phase, but Andy, her ever smart mother, knew that she has to have her in her blood somewhere so she found a way to stop her from totally ruining the dress. “I will make you your favorite Oreo

“I will make you your favorite Oreo ice box cake for every week that you don’t wear the dress”. Well, she is my niece for a reason. That statement did wonders and she actually forgot about the dress after two weeks.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Southern Bite.