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Italian Anise Easter Bread

This recipe is from my dear Aunt who is 95 years old. She used to make about 40 loaves. Then every Easter morning would personally deliver them to everyone in the family before Church. This is great out of the oven or toasted with butter.
-I’m so happy to have this recipe. I’ve been trying for years to improve the one given to me 25 years ago!! My family loves it. I’ve made 8 loaves since finding it last weekend.
-I’ve made something very similar to this bread. I roll it into three long logs, braid it and then form it into a wreath. Place an egg into three different spots around the braid (push down into a fold) then bake as usual. Remove the eggs after baking and replace them with three colored Easter eggs.
-took it to work and one of my co-workers from Europe said the bread reminded her of bread her gr-mother would make for Easter!!! Can you believe that? She didn’t even know the name of your bread! She wanted to take home any leftovers, but there were none 🙂 🙁 for her! I am sure your Aunt was busy in heaven making this bread for her family up there! Thanks again for sharing this recipe!

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