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Mountain Dew Apple Cobbler

Flavorful Mountain Dew Apple Cobbler

This Mountain Dew apple cobbler recipe is super quick and easy, and especially fabulous served warm with vanilla ice cream. I’m not sure how it all works out and science behind using Mountain Dew in this recipe, but somehow it does. You would never know that it is the secret ingredient!

Now, I’ll admit that at first, I thought this recipe was kind of funny. But, my husband is a Mountain Dew fan so I thought it would be a novelty to try. It was actually really good and I would definitely have it again!

These Mountain Dew apple dumplings are very sweet, delicious, and addicting. I love how the ingredients and prep are super easy. In fact, the apple dumplings look and taste so much more fancy and delicious than you would ever expect from how easy it is to make them!

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