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MOIST LEMON SHEET CAKE (serve warm, or cold)

If you’re looking for a simple to make lemon cake with bold citrus flavor and a soft and fluffy texture, look no further! This cake is bright and refreshing with a tender crumb that melts in the mouth!

Listen up and look closely, for I have THE cake for you!

A super lemony, pucker-up-your-lips, tangy cake with your name written all over it.

It is the cake for serious lemon lovers who can’t get enough of that refreshingly zesty flavor, and have a hankering tooth for that sweet-tart deliciousness.

Fellow Lemaniacs…I present you with sunshine in a pan.

Nothing subtle or mild about this one. It is as in-your-face, loud and clear with citrus flavor as can be.

It is the lemoniest lemon cake I’ve ever had! Even more-so than the reader favorite, Lemony Lemon Bundt with its fancy lemon syrup and all.

Lemon Bundt…you fed our lemon cravings for the past 3 years and I thank you for never disappointing, but I guess the time to graduate to some next-level citrus-iness (if that’s even a word) has come.

This simple lemon sheet cake is so bright and refreshing, and packed with a lemon punch that delivers its titled promise.

It has a soft, velvety crumb, incomparable moistness, and a light, fluffy texture that just melts in the mouth.

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