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Instant Pot Tuscan Chicken Pasta

prep time:10 MINScook time:20 MINStotal time:30 MINS
Instant Pot Tuscan Chicken Pasta is very easy to make, creamy and delicious with perfect juicy chicken, sun dried tomatoes and spinach.
Usually, when refrigerated the sauce will thicken because the pasta will also absorb the liquid. To reheat, add pasta to a medium-large saucepan over medium heat and add 1/2 to 1 cup of milk. Start with 1/2 cup, stir to combine and if needed add more, until you achieve the desired sauce consistency. You can also add cream instead of milk, or chicken broth.
After you cook the pasta it may look a little runny, don’t worry, you need all that liquid to create the amazing creamy sauce. I like to use a mix of cream cheese and Parmesan cheese because it combines the most amazing texture and flavor. The secret ingredient that I am also sharing with you, is adding evaporated milk to the pot. As a result, the pasta turns out perfectly cheesy, rich and very creamy.
The sun-dried tomatoes add a bit of chewiness and tartness, while the spinach adds some freshness and a pop of color. Such a hearty and delicious dinner!

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