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The Best Home Made Pancakes

Pancakes or waffles are our weekend breakfast treat. I usually made pancakes from a mix, but since I had forgotten to buy it at the store, I searched for a homemade pancake recipe and I have been using it for the past couple of months. It has been tweaked a little bit to adjust the sweetness of the batter. These pancakes come out less cakey than what you would get from a mix, they are bit more compact, yet fluffy which I like better. If you feel your batter is too thich, add about ¼ cup more milk a little bit at a time, since this is supposed to be a thick batter.
This is a basic pancake recipe, so you can add any flavoring you want to it. Maybe some almond extract, or grated chocolate…. or both. I made a maple-orange syrup for myself (my husband doesn’t like me putting orange into things… maybe one day he’ll learn to appreciate it…) I have included the recipe below.

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