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Healthy Almond Butter Fudge

When it comes to healthy eating, dessert is our downfall. We’ve never fully been able to kick our sweet tooth, so even when we’re right on track in regards to eating nutrient-rich foods, we still find ourselves wanting a little something sweet as a way to round things out. While those cravings might have derailed our meal plans of yore, we’ve now armed ourselves with a bunch of healthy, go-to recipes for when we want a treat, but don’t want to sacrifice our health. Like this almond butter fudge!

With no refined sugar, this recipe relies on natural sweeteners to get the job done. Almond butter is obviously the base here, but then we use coconut oil – such a good healthy fat to use instead of butter or canola oil – and honey to give us the sweet creaminess that fudge is known for. One thing to note: you probably will want to keep this tasty dish in the fridge (if not the freezer) since the fudge doesn’t quite hold its shape as it warms up, due to the almond butter base. We’re totally fine with popping over to the fridge whenever we want a bite and actually find that it helps us not get too carried away with chowing down on too much of the sweet (albeit healthier) treat. All that to say, as long as you’re cool with it staying chilled if you want it to keep its shape, you’re good to go.


Knowing how easy it is to devour a batch of fudge in a scarily short period of time, it’s awesome to have a lighter, healthier alternative to turn to. We’re still working on not scarfing down 10 pieces in two minutes, but thankfully we’re off to a better start with something delicious, but lightened up. The flavor is amazing and the texture is just like the beloved classic. You really can’t go wrong!

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