I don’t make cheesecakes that often but I have to say this one is near perfect. I love that it didn’t need a waterbath too. Mine did take longer to bake and I think I may have jiggled it too much when trying to figure out if it was done and it fell a bit. With the lemon curd and meringue you would never know though 😉 I did use a jar lemon curd but in the future I would make my own instead of being lazy. My meringue was perfectly cooked, I took it out at 9-10 minutes. I did have crust issues but, I was attempting a gluten free crust and sometimes cookie crusts can be tricky. In the future I would use my go-to graham cracker crust.

This was delicious. I’m glad I made it. It seemed to me that the directions weren’t correct concerning the egg whites. I didn’t put the egg whites in the cheese cake

This is a good cheesecake, if somewhat time consuming to make. The cheesecake itself is probably the best part for me, and I might just make the cheesecake portion in the future and leave off the curd and meringue. (Just a tip–if you make homemade curd, don’t use a metal bowl! It will leave the curd with metallic taste—use a glass bowl. No plastic either!) I’m really fond of the fact that this cheesecake wasn’t baked with a water bath. It gives it a nicer, denser texture–which I really prefer. I baked the meringue for about 12 minutes, and it was browned, but the middle was still kind of soft. It could of probably baked a little longer, but I was afraid of the peaks burning. Overall, I would make it again with a few minor changes. It was a learning experience for me lol.

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