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How to Turn Your Table Into a Farm Table

Currently trending right now, Farm Tables and Farmhouse Decor are EVERYWHERE! I recently had a client that wanted to transform her outdated dining room table she had for years into a rustic Farm Table without breaking the bank. I was able to do just that using just one material- PAINT! This DIY Farm Table is super simple to tackle and create and will save you a ton of money. You’ll be loving your new farmhouse decor in literally a day.
The best thing about this technique is that you don’t have to use a natural wood table. Even if your table is mahogany or dark cherry wood, just by using a good oil-based primer and some paint, you can transform it into a farm table. Try this technique out on any table in your home, whether a coffee table, end table, kitchen table, or even a headboard or wood plank wall. Anything made of wood would look amazing using this process.
To start, simply sand down the entire table to get off any rough spots or debris. Wipe clean and prime the table entirely using a good oil-based paint if your table has a shiny varnish topcoat, or is super dark. If not, a regular water-based primer will work just fine.
how to turn your table into a farm table

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