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How to Make Your Interior Windshield Shine

Improving windshield visibility usually entails cleaning off bird poop, dead bugs and general grime. But the streaky, filmy gook isn’t always confined to the outside of the car. Where do you think sneeze and cough gunk goes for happy hour?

In addition to human, um, stuff, the inside of the windshield collects things like dust, oils, and/or smoker’s residue. All that grime can impair your ability to see clearly while driving, especially at night. Here to show us how to clean the interior glass of our windshields is car maintenance YouTuber ChrisFix.

To start out, Chris explains that much of buildup can be traced back to off gases. The materials from the dashboard, seats, etc. release gases and evaporate onto the windshield. Cleaning products used to wipe the dash down are another culprit, as they leave oily film on the glass.
Before tackling the interior, ChrisFix suggests cleaning the exterior first so it’s easier to spot the problem inside. With just a few steps, he demonstrates how to clean the inside but notes to avoid this process for rear tints. Let’s take a quick look!

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