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Chocolate Pie Made With Buttermilk: A Country Classic

Nothing beats a rich, chocolatey pie that is smothered in ice cream and whipped cream. Yum! I always thought that I had the best chocolate pie at this little cafe that I enjoy frequenting but then I had a piece of my husband’s grandmas and was blown away. The secret to her chocolate pie? Buttermilk! Apparently, buttermilk gives the pie filling a richer, smoother texture and flavor. I would have never ever known this before tasting grandma’s buttermilk chocolate pie because we simply don’t drink or even use the sour stuff.

My husband laughed at how shocked I was over this revelation. He said, “Why does buttermilk gross you out so much?” to which I replied, “Because it is so sour!.” My husband smiled and said, “Well, you love to pile the sour cream on your tacos so what’s the difference?” I plead the fifth. I hope you enjoy this chocolate cream pie recipe as much as I do ?

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