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Thai Coconut Chili Chicken Skewers

Finding a recipe that’s tasty (i.e. totally delectable), easy and healthy is basically like finding the Holy Grail; once you have it, you hold onto it forever. These chicken skewers are our grail, in that they taste amazing, don’t require a lot of prep time or active work, and they’re really healthy and good for you!
Thai Chicken Skewers
Coming in at under 250 calories per serving, we seriously can’t get enough of these skewers– there’s a delicious sweetness from the coconut milk that accompanies a well-rounded and full flavor from all the spices. Throw in some red pepper flakes (or don’t, your choice) and marvel at what you’ve created! Then go back for seconds, because you don’t have to feel guilty for one second for enjoying this yummy dish!

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