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How to Create a Faux Denim Look on Painted Furniture

I recently discovered a technique for creating a denim look and tried it out on a sign board with my daughter & her friend. I thought I’d apply the same faux denim look to some furniture for a teen or tween room.

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My canvas: dated orange pine bedsides!

I started with these orange pine bedside tables, which were pretty scratched up and looking pretty sad. 🙁

So I sanded them back with my orbital sander. I usually don’t sand back this far when using furniture paint, but these had some pretty decent ‘dings’ in them, so I went to town with the sander.

All sanded back.

Next, I painted a base of white, which is important for the proper denim effect to work out well. I used Fusion Mineral Paint’s white colour, Casement for the base. You’ll only need one coat, as it is just a base for the effect we’re creating.

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