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How to clean microfiber with professional results

Today my friends, I’m going to teach you how I saved a boat load of money by cleaning my own sofa! This method I have used for years now that I have had two microfiber sofas. I learned this method originally when my cute little toddler decided to take an ink pen to my couch cushions back in 2009. I knew alcohol takes out ink pen so I started by using a baby wipe and some hairspray. It worked alright but I needed more alcohol, so I tried rubbing alcohol and it worked like a charm.
Well, fast forward 2 1/2 years and that little toddler isn’t quite as little. He did it again!!! On my sofa that is less than a year old! BAH!!! He got a big fat time out after this one. Mommy was not happy.

I used the alcohol again and spot cleaned the sofa but really didn’t try that hard. It came out okay but not great.  Then, I decided to do some research and figure out what tools to use with the alcohol to get the best results! Then, two months later, my kids’Z sippy cups have absolutely destroyed several sections of the sofa, mainly the arm rests and main cushions.

I’m only showing you this small section out of respect for myself. haha! I have some dignity people! 🙂Here’s what I did to save my poor little sofa’s life!

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