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How To Clean A Microwave With Vinegar & Steam; No Scrubbing!

Clean a microwave in minutes! All you need is vinegar and water, no scrubbing required!

Have you ever exploded pizza sauce in the microwave? Today’s post will show you how to clean a microwave using only water, vinegar, and steam! It’s easy to do, only takes a few minutes, and it works great!

how to clean a microwave with vinegar and steam

I was able to clean off dirt and grime I didn’t even realize was there!

I love simple cleaning solutions like this. I made a homemade grout cleaner with just baking soda and bleach and it worked WONDERS! And we’ve been using a homemade borax free laundry soap for almost a year now and we love it! It’s cheap, non-toxic, and cleans better than commercial detergent! And when we moved into our new house and the washing machine was horribly dirty, I learned how to clean a washing machine with just two wash cycles, and it’s sparkling clean now!

This tip for cleaning a microwave is just as simple as the other two homemade cleaning products; it only requires water, vinegar, and about one minute of elbow grease to get a sparkling clean microwave!

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