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How to Argyle-up a Ho Hum TV Tray!

You might say I have a slight addiction to collecting TV trays.
Not only are they super productive pieces which I use all the time, they are also easy revamps!I also love a great argyle pattern… so with that in mind, this thrift store found sleepy little TV tray didn’t stand a chance…
While this finished project may appear complicated, it’s far from it… in fact, thanks to a stencil, it couldn’t be easier to get this look!
Now that’s a complication I can handle… and here’s how I did it!
how to argyle up a ho hum tv tray
Whenever I rummage through a thrift store, my eyes dart towards solid wood TV trays that are sturdy.This picture shows how the TV trays are typically found. Usually with a coating of varnish, with a blonde wood-tone underneath.Let’s wake it up!
This particular tray started off the same way, however I painted the legs black, then ran a palm sander across the top to remove the existing finish.So much better already… but let’s get into the real fun next!

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