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Hawaiian Roll Ham Sliders

– I have made these for years to take to football tailgates. It is now a required item for me to bring. I use Pepperidge Farm dinner rolls instead of Hawaiian rolls because I think the Hawaiian rolls make these too sweet. I also use both ham and turkey with the Swiss cheese. I cover them and refrigerate overnight, them pop them in the oven just before I leave for the game. Putting the pans of rolls (I’m now up to eight dozen sandwiches each time – they are THAT good) into a cooler lined with newspaper and covering the pans with more newspaper keeps them nice and warm.
– I made these for a gals gathering of eight. Everyone brought an appetizer and mine was the last to be served. All said they were full, but ate anyway and declared this was the best app of the night. All are gourmet cooks and we had a variety of delicious apps, but this was byfar the best. This will be a go to app for all occasions.

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