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Hashbrown Egg Cups

I am sure there are some people who sit down to eat a leisurely breakfast on a daily basis, but for me, the morning meal is either something I eat on my way to the car or something that doesn’t happen at all. But that’s just why I love these Hashbrown Egg Cups! They are the perfect make ahead breakfast option and are truly grab-and-go… Basically, they make the morning meal super easy. And tasty, which is the most important part, after all.

While these might just look like a crustless quiche in a muffin tin, they’re so much more. They’re not really a quiche at all – rather, they’re a combination of some breakfast favorites for a more bite-sized version of a complete meal. They start with hashbrowns and eggs, and while we use ham and cheddar, you can switch that up for whatever you might have on hand (or add in some bell peppers or green onion or mushrooms or bacon).

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