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Strawberry Shortcake Poke Cake

We love eating a delicious dessert, but we love it even more when that delicious dessert also looks just as good as it tastes. We’re not saying every dessert’s appearance should be a top priority, nor that you should spend an unnecessary amount of time making your desserts beautiful (unless you want to!), but when the stars align and your dish can play the part of a scene-stealing show stopper?? That’s a recipe you want to hold onto forever. And our strawberry shortcake poke cake fits the bill exactly!

Okay, so it’s not exactly strawberry shortcake, seeing as there are no biscuits involved, but this dessert has all the strawberries ‘n’ cream components we could want to make us think of strawberry shortcake. A white cake mix sets the base, then strawberry jello gets poured over the cake and seeps into the tens of holes we poked into it. This process not only gets you a gorgeous-looking tie-dyed effect as you slice your cake, but it also ensures the strawberry flavor gets interspersed fully throughout the cake, all while keeping it super moist and delectable. Win-win-win!

On top of the cake comes the creamy element, which is vanilla pudding and frozen whipped topping. It’s like a custard-y top layer that sets to perfection and balances out the strawberry cake layer underneath. Spread some fresh strawberries on top and you’ve got yourself an A+ dessert that everyone will go nuts for.

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