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Grommet Tab Curtain Fix

I finally gave in and purchased grommet top curtains for my living room a while back but was constantly adjusting them as they ended up squished or unevenly spaced on the rod. I am not a perfectionist but when I spend money on something I want it to look nice and curtains that wouldn’t stay put drove me nuts!

grommet tab curtain fix

How can I keep them evenly spaced; from being pushed flat? My solution was to purchase a pool noodle for $1 at the Dollar Store! I have used pool noodles for many things around the home and I was sure this could be my solution.

Try to get a noodle that is similar in color to your curtains or your rods. If that is not an option (as in my case) you can always paint the pieces that may show. I removed the sticker.

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