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Garage Garbage Finds New Life

So I was in need of, and searching for, a dresser. One that I could use in my bathroom, where I require an immense amount of storage.. (I am what my friends would call a ‘girly girl’). I had seen what I wanted… in my best friends bedroom, but , she wasn’t parting with it.. so I said, if you ever run across something like this, let me know.

Fast forward a few weeks.. she finds this dresser, and although it was not like hers , it did have 2 smaller and 2 nice sized drawers. She sent me pictures of it, asked if I wanted it, and based on her evaluation, I bought it. Then she kindly delivered it…

I took one look and said “Um.. it has HOLES all over the top of it!” to which her reply was “I liked the legs”. (well, I guess that’s as good a reason to buy a poor, abused, piece of furniture as any. *sigh*).

I told her I thought she had over estimated my level of expertise.. and she said “I’m not worried, you’ll make it look good”. Ok. No pressure….

garage garbage finds new life

I had just completed ‘Bob’ (Aye Matey project on HT), and I was not so sure I had the strength to deal with “Gerard” (I did not name him, he was not speaking to me.. my friend that brought him said, I think he looks like a Gerard.. so it stuck 🙂 I have no idea how long Gerard was in this person’s garage, but long enough to have a VISE anchored to his top, burn marks and drill holes galore! UGH! I couldn’t get his drawers to work and open well either!

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