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From Slab to FAB

My hallway was a dark and dingy cave, I needed to show it some love, and boy did I! Once the hallway itself was done, it was time to turn my attention to the slab doors that were original to my 1952 ranch home. Not sure that they were hollow as they weighted way too much for that. The time had come to put the frosting on the cake and finish this hallway makeover with a bang!

from slab to fab

So I started out with these doors, such a lovely shade of brown orange on the doors and the trim… NOT. –that was addressed in this hallway makeover.

and this is the finished product… same corner…

what a difference!

So how did I change these doors? Buying new doors was out of the question, there are 9 doors in my hallway, that would have been expensive just to buy new doors, and installation would have been way beyond my skills and budget.

I would like to give you a detailed step by step tutorial so that you can do this yourself. I had to do a lot of research and studying to learn to do this properly. I hope to address all your questions, and put all your doubts to rest. If I can do this YOU can do this! So lets begin.

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