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There really is no trick to doing this.  I simply took my Clorox cleaner (its a gel, so it poured perfectly into the grout lines) and started to pour the cleaner onto about a 3 foot by 3 foot section of tile floor.  I then let the gel cleaner sit on the grout lines for approximately 10 minutes.  I then took my hard plastic bristle brush and lightly scrubbed the cleaner into the grout lines.  I found that it really didn’t take a lot of effort, the cleaner really did most of the work.  I then let the scrubbed in cleaner sit for approximately another 5 minutes.  Next I took a wet mop and cleaned up the cleaner.  I then moved onto the next section and repeated the above steps.  The only warning I would give is to say be very careful while walking on the floor until you mop up the solution.  The floor will be very slippery!  I was scared at first thinking that the floor was going to stay slippery, but once I mopped the whole floor when I was done and it dried the floor was perfectly fine.  The original color of my kitchen grout lines were a very light sanded gray.  I also did my bathroom tile which has bright white sanded grout lines (I wish I took before and after pics because the difference in there was unbelievable).  Sorry I do not have dark grout lines anywhere in my house, so I cannot tell you how the Clorox cleaner will work on those.
So that’s really it.  One bottle of Clorox gel cleaner, one plastic hard bristle brush and a couple of hours and you will have professionally cleaned tile floor and grout lines!
Even though my kitchen floors get mopped every day, the grout lines were just disgusting.  This kitchen floor is about 15 years old and this is the first time I really cleaned the grout lines.  It’s hard to believe looking at these pictures that the grout lines were that dirty.  It truly looked like a new kitchen floor when I was done!
Hope you take the 1-2-3 Challenge and finally have the clean kitchen or bathroom floors that you always dreamed of having!