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Ginger Molasses Cookies

Molasses cookies that are soft and chewy on the inside and crisp around the edges. Full of delicious ginger flavor and taste just like Christmas! Drizzle or dip in white chocolate for the ultimate holiday cookie!

The Best Ginger Cookies
If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas cookies for your next cookie exchange or holiday party, these are it! They come together in just 30 minutes and taste incredible. They’re everything you want in a holiday dessert!

These soft molasses cookies (also known as gingerdoodles, gingersnaps or ginger cookies) are a perfect treat to share with someone you love this season. They pair wonderfully with hot chocolate and are sturdy enough to mail to friends and family far away!

As much as I love gingerbread man cookies, I kind of like that these cookies are a little more mild and less spicy. They’re soft and chewy on the inside, crisp around the edges, and overall they just taste homey, sweet and comforting.

These molasses cookies remind me of a snickerdoodle with all the delicious Christmas flavors mixed in. They would be perfect for a cookie exchange or on a platter of treats at a party!

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