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Farmhouse Style Curtains

I had a gotten quite a few questions on my last tutorial for my chandelier about how I opened the shutters with the chandelier hanging in the way. Well here is the answer to that question. I knew if that project came to life the way I had it envisioned in my head, that I would be changing out that window treatment anyhow. I just wanted to see how that project played out before I committed the time to changing the whole window, because, lets be real, not every DIY attempted turns out how it was initially envisioned! But since this one did, I got to work on the new window treatments for my bathroom to allow more natural filtered light into the room so my little green friends can continue to thrive. I got this idea from Pinterest, but needed to make it a little more budget friendly! I’ll show you how I made these tab top curtain panels as well as how to create the wall treatment to hang it on!

farmhouse style curtains

I went to my local Walmart to grab my supplies because I’m impatient, but I know all these products are available online as well if you rather!


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