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Mustard Pickles: Half Hour Pickles

Ok ok I know it’s a bold claim to say these are ‘THE BEST” mustard pickles.  But hey, with Zest out of the picture (RIP), we’re gunning for it.

Honestly though, is there anything that makes you feel more proud than actually successfully making your own freakin pickles??  We’re like Martha gosh darn Stewart over here.  (Martha wouldn’t be so uncouth as to swear). This recipe was passed on to Nicole from her friend in PEI, it is their mother’s recipe, and we’ve altered it down to a smaller batch and used mini cukes so we didn’t have to seed them. Yay for less prep! Also to note, this is more the texture of a relish, for those who are weird about textures, you can always just slice the pickles, but you’ll probably have to alter your cook time.

Baby cukes are pretty cute, hey?

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