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Elephant Ears

– These were fantastic!! Just like at the summer festivals. I covered mine with icing sugar. I had to use 2 cups white flour and 2 cups whole wheat flour and they still tasted great. I’m from Canada and I haven’t a clue what beaver tails are but this recipe is just like the elephant ears I get from the fairs.
– This recipe was really good, especially freshly made:)I made it for my kids at the preschool I work for and my husbands hot rod shop. It was hot both places:)
The only heads up I give is the cinnamon sugar topping is way way off…in my opinion anyway so you may want to tweak with that(the cinnamon side of the ratio was too high!)
– This is it!!!! I grew up in Indiana and at the state fair we ALWAYS had an elephant ear. Only difference may have that they lightly brushed them with melted butter before dousing them with cinnamon sugar. But surprisingly they taste fine without it and the sugar adheres well. Plus it’s much better for us without the added butter. These fry up nicely with bubbles in the dough and everything. I’d decrease the amount of oil used for frying (I did mine in the iron skillet) since it gets a little splattery. Also, my frying time was about 10-15 seconds per side. So delicious!

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