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Easy To Make – Rustic Wood Disc Wreath For Your Door

Last year, hubby cut down a medium sized tree in our yard. Thankfully, I had him save some branches for possible future projects, so this wood has been drying out for quite awhile now (you want dry wood for this project).

We ended up redoing our little front porch and painting our front door, so I wanted a new wreath to go with the new look. That’s when we thought to chop up that old wood and make a wreath! Best part about this wreath is that it’s a perfect year round decor piece! You can decorate it for each holiday/season!

Here’s how we made it ….

*Price is based off of the cost of the glue since we already had the circular saw, cardboard came from a box that was shipped to me, and wood came from our yard, so those items cost nothing.

If you don’t have a circular saw, you can use a jigsaw, chainsaw, handsaw, but those tools will either take longer or not give perfect straight cuts. We do recommend any diy’er to invest in a circular saw since it is used for so many different projects

easy to make rustic wood disc wreath for your door

Our door was originally a plain white, and since hubby and I both love bright colors, we went with a beautiful teal color!

If interested, this color is called Steel Teal made by Frenchic Furniture Paint. It’s from their Al Fresco Range which is a super durable indoor/outdoor paint

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