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Italian Green Bean Salad

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with salads. So often we tend to think of salads as those leafy green creations, but this Italian green bean salad is a great alternative.

It’s full of flavor and has a homemade dressing- and a short list of ingredients. It’s a wholesome way to get your veggies that’s also incredibly tasty. So say goodbye to boring salads and say hello to this flavorful side.

To get the most out of this salad we are lightly roasting the green beans. After 20 minutes in a moderate oven they’re not too raw and not soggy- the perfect texture.

To this we add some cheese and some cherry tomatoes cut in half. I prefer the flavor and texture of shredded hard cheeses, but you can also use mozzarella for a more mild flavor.

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