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Caramel Apple Dump Cake

This caramel apple dump cake is a wonderfully sweet, moist and crumbly dessert that you will love to make and eat!
If you’ve used an apple dump cake recipe with yellow cake mix before, the extra flavor, sweetness, and creaminess of the caramel sauce in this recipe will be a delicious surprise! And if you’ve never heard of or made a dump cake, the ingredients are few and the process literally involves “dumping” ingredients in even layers into a baking dish, then covering them with melted butter before baking. The beauty of a dump cake is that you can easily substitute other fruit fillings based on what you like, or just to experience several luscious varieties. Whatever fruit filling you use, your dump cake will always be a crowd-pleaser!
Notice that there are really only four ingredients needed to make this caramel apple dump cake. This recipe is quick and easy because it uses apple pie filling rather than fresh apples. The moistness of the apple pie filling binds perfectly with the dry cake mix to provide the soft-cooked apple and moist cake-crumble texture that makes this dessert so pleasing and memorable.

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