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DIY Sparkling Toilet Cleaner & Freshener – Clever Christmas Hack

Open the mask up.

Fill with your lemon pieces.

Add rosemary and cinnamon sticks.

Cut the elastic off the top of the mask.

Use the elastic to tie the end.

Make it tight.

Then, snip the end with scissors to make it look neat.

All done!

And it really does smell amazing 💯

Unscrew the top of your toilet, like below:

And place your toilet cleaner inside the toilet.



Fix you toilet lid back into place.



And wait for the magic…

If you have any used facial masks please try this hack!



The lemon works as good as white vinegar, the cleaning aspects are great! The citrus & cinnamon makes your whole bathroom smell great, which for Christmas is very nice especially if you are going to be having lots of guests.



Once you flush your toilet the citrus will leave your toilet clean & smelling beautiful.

I think this is a very clever hack for used facial masks.

I will remove the mask in 4 weeks and replace it with another one.



Hope you enjoy this trick!



Merry Christmas!