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DIY Closet Loft

We had some major issues with the closet in our little guy’s room. You couldn’t open the doors without hitting the room door. The storage was just ok and basically not utilized. We decided to make the closet into something he would love and use. For under $75, we were able to create a space that he can read, climb and play in.
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DIY Closet/Reading Loft
Step 1 and 2 – Gather Supplies and DemoWe started with this basic closet. We took down the clothing bar and shelf. Then we patched and painted.After that we gathered our supplies. Our supply list was:84 24 (6) – 2.48 each92 24 (1) – 2.92Screws – 7.98Nails – Owned3 Foam pad – $25 (found at Home Depot)8 Piece of finish hardwood – $10Plywood – OwnedFence Brackets (2) – .67 each3 Angle Bracket (2) – 1.23 each [optional]Tools Used: Hammer, Level, Drill, Air compressor, nail gun, miter saw and staple gun
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