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DIY Black Shiplap Planter

I feel like I find inspiration for new projects everywhere I go! I recently saw planters in a hotel lobby that I absolutely loved! The planters were rather tall and held snake plants. I wanted to make my own with a little twist by adding my favorite thing…shiplap! That’s how this black shiplap planter came to be!

diy black shiplap planter

STEP 1: Make a FrameI started with a basic plant window box that set the width and depth of my planter. I suggest using a planter box without any drain holes. If you get one with drain holes, simply plug them.

I created a small base that was the full width and depth of the planter using both 1×4 and 2×4 wood. I used the 2×4 as the vertical supports and the 1×4 as the base and to support the shiplap. (I tried to use all of the scrap wood that we had laying around the garage.)

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