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Egg Roll Soup

So where do you fall on the egg-roll-obsession spectrum? We’re pretty firmly planted in the “fully obsessed” category and will basically do anything to get our hands on those deliciously fried, golden pockets at any given time. We know they’re also relatively simple to make at home, which we’ve tried and loved, but that being said, sometimes we want all the flavor without all the work – we don’t have time for hand rolling egg rolls!

In which case, this egg roll soup is the perfect solution; all the egg roll flavor – plus it’s great for you – and it comes together in under half an hour. Win-win-win. While it might seem like achieving restaurant quality egg roll flavor would entail a time and labor-intensive process, we found that to not be the case at all! 10 ingredients are all you need, with only one ingredient that you might not have on hand already.

Brown your pork, add onion, carrot, garlic and ginger – don’t forget the ginger, it adds such a fresh zing! – then it’s time to add that one, slightly more uncommon ingredients: pure sesame oil. It turns this whole recipe inside out, in the best way possible, and truly transforms it into the egg roll filling of your dreams. In goes the cabbage, then the chicken broth, then you just let it all simmer together and you’re good to go. The cabbage adds a bit more structure and flavor to the soup, the pork takes on the flavor of all the veggies, plus enriches the broth, and you’ve got yourself a healthy soup that you’ll crave all week long, you’ll see.

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