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Crock Pot Christmas Crack

This super easy candy recipe is delicious. The chocolate’s smooth and creamy – kind of tastes like a cross between a Reese’s cup and a Snickers bar. This recipe makes a huge batch of candy. It would be great on the dessert table or package in tins as a festive holiday gift.
– I tried this yesterday. It was so easy! I substituted the unsalted peanuts with pecans. I also did not let it go the full 2 hours as my crockpot tends to run warm. After about an hour and a half mine was done. I for about half of the batch I used mini muffin wrappers and the other half on parchment paper as clusters. Both ways are great. However, I feel the baking cups give it a bit more of a festive look for gift giving. It made 165 pieces of candy..

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