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Beef Lasagna

1 –
I am giving this 5 stars for ease alone….I didn’t even cook the lasagna noodle. One layer sauce on the bottom of the pan – noodles then a layer of sauce. I assembled in the morning using homemade leftover sauce and put in the refrigerator. I took it out and popped it in the oven – for about 45 minutes – took the foil off and cooked an additional 10. Perfect and oh so easy. UPDATE – I made this with Johnsonville Italian sausage and it was great.

2 –
I never know how many stars to leave when I make changes. Just for personal preference, I’d give it 4 stars because I don’t care for the cottage cheese/egg layer, and leave that out. Usually when I make my own lasagna I don’t precook my noodles, and we prefer shredded chicken over ground beef. Other than that, this is pretty close to how I make mine! I probably use more cheese, and sometimes cheddar in addition to the mozzarella. For variety, if we have veggies that need to be used I might add sliced zucchini and/or spinach as well. But this recipe is a good, solid, simple lasagna, and you should try it!

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